Minigun Interviewed by Forbes

BY Andrew Miesner / October 10, 2011

coL.SC2 player Chad “Minigun” Jones was interviewed by Forbes during the Red Bull LAN last week. Discussing the status of pro-gaming and his career in it, Chad gives a lot of really interesting insight into the scene.



How has streaming through Twitch.TV opened things up for you and allowed you to communicate with your fans?

I try and commentate my games as I’m playing so they kind of have an insight of what I’m thinking at the time and why I’m doing it, and I try and answer questions that they have when I can.

What do you think is the secret to the success that StarCraft II has had?

Well, to encounter different strategies you have to have encountered it plenty of times beforehand, so the amount of time you actually play and put into the game really effects on how you’re going to play.



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