Minigun Qualifies for IPL4 in the UK

BY Andrew Miesner / October 29, 2011

This weekend IGN’s IPL has been running an online StarCraft II qualifier tournament where participants can earn a free flight, free hotel, and a guaranteed a slot in the Championship Bracket at the IPL 4 UK Qualifiers at insomnia44 (the Biggest Gaming Festival in the UK). The IPL 4 UK Qualifiers will be running from Nov 18-20th and will feature a $15,000 prize pool. In addition to the money, the winner of the IPL 4 UK Qualifier will get a spot in the Championship Bracket at IPL 4, a huge tournament held in the United States at some point next year.

Today compLexity Gaming is very proud to announce that our own Chad “Minigun” Jones has earned a spot at IPL 4 UK Qualifiers. It was a hard fight to earn this slot, especially considering that only the top two players from the qualifier get the free trip to insomnia44. The other player who earned a spot was the German Zerg player aTnDarKFoRcE.

If you want to check out the games from this qualifier, IGN will be broadcasting them all this week here. Also, if you think you have what it takes to win it all like Minigun, IGN will be running another online qualifier next weekend. It costs $5 to participate and you can register here. Note that in order to participate you must have a EU StarCraft II account.