Mirror now known as PlayZeek

BY Andrew Miesner / April 22, 2009

"XLBet"XLBetToday it was announced that Mirror will now be playing under PlayZeek after losing their head sponsor XLBet. Yesterday it was reported that XLBet had terminated all cooperation with XLBET.Mirror because of “internal problems”.

The team has also made a roster change adding Thomas “MoRf4r” Holm and releasing Daniel “anizz” Aniff, in time to attend the upcoming EPS.sca LAN Finals.

PlayZeek Lineup:

Jack “wazorN” Henriksen
Rasmus “FaagaN” Moller Thomsen
Martin “trace” Bang Heldt
Christoffer “stofqaz” Gundersen
Thomas “MoRf4r” Holm


Source: mYm