MLG Anaheim Wildcard Tournament

BY Andrew Miesner / October 11, 2009

CompLexity’s own Elliot “venruki” Venczel has provided a team breakdown for this weekends MLG Anaheim Wildcard tournament.

As announced on Complexity and Gotfrag’s, MLG is conducting an online tournament for the final spot at MLG Anaheim. That being said, earlier today these teams also found out that the deal is even sweeter than expected as Complexity announced they are going to pay for the lucky winner of this online tournament to attend Anaheim, with all travel/sleeping accommodations fully paid for courtesy of Complexity, XFX and Creative. I’ve been spending a lot of time interacting with the players involved in the tournament and am going to explain a little bit about each team. That being said, some of the teams have opted to drop out or their status in the tournament is currently unknown, because of this I’m only going to write about teams that I have some knowledge of.

Brogorash Has Massive Snutz

Roster: Snutz/Mogorash/Massive:
Class Makeup:
Warlock/Druid/Death knight

This team has been practicing very hard for this event and I am picking them as the team that is going to win it all. Currently they are 3-0 and have overall been playing very well.  Made up of online players like most of the teams involved with this event, one of their main obstacles will be playing against top teams without the use of World of Warcraft add-ons (Add-ons are little things you can install that are illegal on LAN play that allow you to keep track of things like the cool down on Spell-Lock, Counter-Spell and trinkets as-well as many other things), and adjusting to LAN play if they do advance to Anaheim.

Our Mage Has Swine Flu

Roster: Reflex/Jordan/Brochillen
Class Makeup: Rogue/Priest/Mage

This is a team that I hope does well, because of the composition they play. Some people would disagree but I always like to see RMP’s at events and these guys have been trying to prove themselves.  Reflex and Jordan are both furious gladiators from 2v2 and their 3v3 currently holds first place on the Reckoning battle group. This team is currently 2-1 defeating both Spoh/Nadagast/Skymind’s team and Billian/Rexsteele/Versica, but losing to Snutz/Mogo/Massive’s shadowcleave (Warlock/Dk/Druid). My only concern for this team is although they are a group of really strong players their reluctance to transfer to battlegroup9 (a World of Warcraft Battlegroup where all sponsored teams play, as well as many top online players) could prove to be their undoing with a lack of practice against top quality teams.


Roster: Billian/Rexsteele/Versica:
Class Makeup:

These guys have been around for awhile, all of them are known about in the WoW community but after what they believe to be a poor performance on the tournament realm against other top tier teams, I believe they have dropped out of the tournament after losing their first two matches, effectively forfeiting the rest of their matches.

So Far Gone

Roster: Spoh/Nadagast/Skymind:
Class Makeup:

Aside from Spoh (someone who used to be considered the best druid in the game, who also happened to win the first MLG WoW event), this group consists of mostly online players. This is also another team that is rumored to have dropped out of the tournament but I really hope they didn’t. Skymind has always been someone I’ve considered to be a top tier warrior and I have high expectations for this player, and while partnered with Nadagast, a warlock who I’ve personally never played against but has really high ratings on live I think these guys could be a very strong team.

The rest of these teams have not played yet and I’m not 100% sure they are going to be involved with the event, but I’ll go over their classes anyways.

My Lip Gloss Be Poppin’

Roster: Polle/Neiro/Plants
Class Makeup:

Make sure you keep it locked on for updates and if you want to watch some of the games check out Gotfrag’s website here: