MLG and GOMtv Announce League Exchange Program

BY Andrew Miesner / May 13, 2011

Today MLG and GOMtv announced that they have partnered up to establish a League Exchange Program that will send the best MLG players to compete in the GSL, and allow top Korean talent to play live in the US.

Pro Circuit Players Competing in the GSL

  • At MLG Columbus, the Top 3 non-Korean finishers will each be placed into GSL Code A.
  • At every 2011 Pro Circuit Live Competition after MLG Columbus, GSL placement will occur as follows:
    • Code S status will be awarded to the highest placing player, regardless of country of origin, who does not already have Code S status.
    • Code A status will be awarded to the next three highest placing non-Korean players.
    • If Code S status is awarded to a Korean player, Code A status also will be awarded to the 4th highest placing non-Korean player.
  • All travel and accomodation expenses for these players will be provided by the GSL. 

GSL Pro Players Competing on the MLG Pro Circuit

  • MLG will invite four Korean pro players to each Pro Circuit Live Competition.
  • These players will be placed directly into the Championship Pools, one into each Pool.
  • Their placement in the Pools will be determined by their GSL rank.
  • All travel and accomodation expenses for these players will be provided by MLG.
  • For MLG Columbus, we will also be inviting a player from the CSN tournament, currently in progress. This player will be seeded into the Open Bracket, and their travel and accomodation expenses will be covered by CSN.


This is historic news because this will be the first time the GSL has ever granted Code S status based on the results from another tournament. It will also be the first time Korean progamers have ever competed live in an open-registration StarCraft 2 tournament in the US.

The GSL players who will be attending MLG Columbus are:

  • ST_Bomber
  • IM.Losira
  • SlayerS_MMA
  • FOXMoon

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