MLG Announce Stream and Spectator Improvements

BY Andrew Miesner / May 24, 2011

MLG has announced today, via their website, the addition of numerous stream and spectator improvements, including a partnership with Streamworks that will allow the MLG broadcast to be transmitted in full 720p HD via the use of multiple independent satellites and datacenter content delivery systems. MLG has also announced the addition of sound-proof booths for the Starcraft II competition that will prevent players from hearing the play-by-play broadcasts on the main stage.

The official “changelog” is below:

The Streamworks Partnership

To make certain that you can watch the streams at home, uninterrupted and in superb quality, we have partnered with world-class live streaming company Streamworks. Our partnership with Streamworks will begin at MLG Columbus and continue throughout the 2011 Pro Circuit Season. Working together, we have pulled out all the stops.

  • The new stream system will affect all games: StarCraft 2, Halo: Reach, and Call of Duty: Black Ops
  • In Columbus, we will have two redundant satellite trucks, blasting video signal to two independent satellites.
  • The signals will be pulled into multiple data centers and the video feed will be distributed to you through multiple Content Delivery Networks to ensure stability.
  • The HQ stream will be available in up to 720p.
  • There is no download required; you can watch both the standard and HQ streams directly from the video player on

Rebroadcast Availability

The changes we’ve made ensure that everyone will be able to watch live, and in high quality. But what if you miss a match?

  • If you purchase an HQ pass, you will have almost immediate access to rebroadcasts of commentated matches for all three games. We will be making rebroadcasts available to you all weekend right on the site, just a few hours after each match finishes.
  • Even if you haven’t purchased an HQ pass, you will be able to see full rebroadcasts on on Monday, the day after the Competition finishes.

Free HQ Friday

  • To give you the chance to see our all-new streams for yourself, all of the streams on Friday will be shown in HQ, for free.
  • HQ rebroadcasts from Friday’s matches will also be made available to everyone right on the site as the matches are played.
  • Starting on Saturday, HQ passes will be available for $10. You can purchase them directly through the on-site player. The pass will give you full HQ access to the entire rest of the Competition, as well as faster access to rebroadcasts.

Better Score Reporting

  • Floor staff in the venue will be sending real-time updates to the liveblogs for all games on the site, and to our Twitter feed.
  • Brackets will be quickly updated, and will be available on the site all weekend so you can follow exactly what’s happening
  • Most StarCraft 2 replays will be available several hours after the match is played.

What’s New for StarCraft 2

To vastly improve the experience of both players and spectators, MLG will have sound-dampening booths for StarCraft 2 players at MLG Columbus and all the rest of 2011’s Pro Circuit Competitions.

  • The booths, in combination with noise-cancelling headphones and earbuds, will ensure that the players can’t hear anything happening in the venue.
  • Spectators in the venue will be able to hear every word of the commentary for all Main Stage matches.

The MLG and Streamworks partnership press release can be found below.

Major League Gaming (MLG), the world’s largest competitive video game league, and Streamworks have partnered to deliver LIVE and on demand coverage of MLG’s 2011 and 2012 Pro Circuit beginning with the competition in Columbus, Ohio, on 3rd – 5th June 2011.

Now in the 8th and largest season to date, the MLG Pro Circuit brings together thousands of the world’s best players to compete LIVE for their share of more than $1 million in prizes and stipends. Under this partnership, Streamworks will deploy its unique LIVE solution, capturing, creating and broadcasting uninterrupted coverage of each weekend event, taking video streaming experience to new heights. Those that can’t make it in person can watch in real-time each weekend in standard or high-definition at The competition will feature four live streams: one dedicated stream for Call of Duty®: Black Ops, one for Halo: Reach, and two streams for Blizzard Entertainment’s blockbuster real-time strategy game, StarCraft® II: Wings of Liberty.

“We are fully committed to providing a seamless, stable and reliable viewing experience for all of our Pro Circuit competitions and have partnered with Streamworks to ensure that we deliver on our promise,” said Sundance DiGiovanni, CEO, MLG. “Beginning with Columbus, we will use Streamworks’ revolutionary patented technology to provide a new level of picture quality.” 

Jason Fletcher, Streamworks’ Marketing Director, said: ‘‘We’re very pleased to announce our new long term working relationship with MLG, we intend to bring the very best quality streams to their US and International fans. Our technical teams have been working hard to provide a solution that doesn’t just deliver but pushes the envelope. This is a tremendous opportunity for us to set a new benchmark for online streaming, the limits of what we intend to achieve are truly remarkable in terms of functionality, picture quality and interactivity. The solution we have at our disposal is unique, and integrating this with MLGs vast portfolio of events has been challenging, but more so we’re confident it will be equally rewarding for their fans who are going to enjoy watching and participating like never before.’’


Streaming will be available for the remainder of the 2010 MLG Pro Circuit as follows:

June 3-5:                      Columbus, OH – Columbus Convention Center

July 29-31:                   Anaheim, CA  – Anaheim Convention Center

August 26-28:              Raleigh, NC – Raleigh Convention Center

October 14-16:            Orlando, FL – Gaylord Palms Resort & Convention Center

November 18-20:        Providence, RI – National Championship, Rhode Island Convention Center


About Streamworks

Founded in 2010, Streamworks owns and operates a managed global service, a next generation delivery network – built to deliver better, faster, and more cost effective LIVE video streaming. Using a unique technology solution, Streamworks delivers seamless cross platform video with on average 30% file size saving, with dramatically increased picture and audio quality for Live and On Demand. For more information –

For more information about the stream and spectator changes, click here.