MLG Announces 2009 Pro Circuit

BY Andrew Miesner / February 3, 2009

The ever-popular Major League Gaming has just announced information regarding the upcoming 2009 Pro Circuit. The competition kicks off at The Meadowlands in New Jersey, from April 3rd til April 5th and will feature HALO 3 as its main event with a Gears of War 2 tournament for the Xbox 360. This year’s circuit is promised to be the largest of all time with more competition, stops and games.

Following the competition in New Jersey, will be Columbus Ohio and feature HALO 3 and Gears of War 2 action for the Xbox 360 as well as a World of Warcraft Arena tournament for their new PC Circuit event. More details on this stop will be announced in the coming days.

With the new 2009 Pro Circuit, will be the a MLG Pro Circuit website with all the details on locations and events, games and much much more. MLG has also brought in a new Rolling Rank Point system and a Revolutionary Championship Bracket Format, online qualifiers and Online Pro Circuit and a Expanded Spectator Experience.

You can visit the Pro Circuit Section: HERE
You can also visit the Online Pro Circuit Section: HERE