MLG Announces Halo 3 Rebroadcasts

BY Andrew Miesner / June 12, 2009

Major League Gaming has announced that they have uploaded all the broadcasts of Halo 3 from their MLG Columbus 2009 event.

Major League Gaming uploaded the full rebroadcasts for the viewing pleasure of the public. Included in these is, Sunday’s Championship Match, where Halo 3 event champions Str8 Rippin dominated their opponents Triggers Down in a 6-1 series. This included a final Team Slayer game on Narrows where Str8 steamrolled through the Triggers Down side, trapping them in their spawn for the majority of the game. This kind of play truly signalled Str8 Rippin’s return to the top after a marginal third place finish at their last event as they walked away a sweet $20,000 richer.

The rebroadcasts feature stream coverage of the matches as they happened, and also highlights and wrap-ups of each day as well as an interview with Str8 Rippin’s captain, Tsquared.

To view the MLG rebroadcasts of Halo 3 visit, MLGPro.


Source: SK Gaming