MLG announces SC2 format for 2011

BY Andrew Miesner / February 25, 2011

MLG announced the StarCraft 2 competition format changes for the 2011 season. The format is roughly the same as the format MLG released for Halo: Reach. The only major difference is that in Starcraft 2, best of three matchups will be played throughout the entire season, where in Halo: Reach, the format changes to best of five in the championship bracket. Because of the new format, placement rounds are no longer needed for StarCraft 2.

Pool Play

The Top 16 ranked teams in Halo: Reach and the Top 16 ranked players in StarCraft 2 heading into each Live Competition will be divided into four pools of five teams/players each. The fifth team/player in each pool will be derived from the four teams/players that emerge from the Open Bracket undefeated. The Open Bracket format has not changed from the 2010 Season. It is still a double-elimination, best-of-three bracket.

Pool Play will begin on the Friday of each Pro Circuit Live Competition weekend, with the Top 16 teams/players playing every other team/player in their pool in a best-of-five series. After Open Bracket play is complete and the undefeated competitors become the fifth team/player in each pool, they will then run the gauntlet, playing each team/player in the pool based on the current pool standings, beginning with the 4th Place team/player and ending with the 1st Place team/player.

The results of Pool Play will dictate where each team/player is placed in the Championship Bracket.

Pool Play Results

  • 1st Place – Winners Bracket Semi-Finals
  • 2nd Place – Losers Bracket Round 6
  • 3rd Place – Losers Bracket Round 5
  • 4th Place – Losers Bracket Round 4
  • 5th Place – Losers Bracket Round 3

MLG Pro Circuit

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