MLG Columbus Player Passes Sold Out

BY Andrew Miesner / May 25, 2011

Yesterday Major League Gaming announced that StarCraft II Player Passes have sold out. For those of you who don’t know, MLG sells two types of passes to their events. There are “Spectator Passes” which admit you to the event to observe. “Player Passes” on the other hand, are for gamers who are looking to try their luck in the open pool tournament.

According to the post on the MLG forums, MLG will be creating a waiting list “to reserve Player Passes if any become available due to cancellations.” In order to sign up for the waiting list, leave a post on the forum link above.

While it’s unfortunate that not everyone who wants to participate in MLG Columbus will be able to, one can always be an optimist and take this as a sign that eSports is growing larger and larger.