MLG Columbus SC2 Map Pool Revealed

BY Andrew Miesner / May 2, 2011

Today Major League Gaming revealed an updated StarCraft II map pool for their upcoming MLG Columbus event.

The new map pool includes:
MLG Metalopolis
MLG Shakuras Plateau
MLG Shattered Temple
MLG Tal’darim Altar
MLG Testbug
MLG Typhon Peaks
MLG Xel’Naga Caverns

Some of you may be wondering what makes these MLG maps different from the ones on the ladder. for starters, “Building Blockers have been replaced with Neutral Lowered Supply Depots on all Maps.” There are also map specific changes, for example, “starting spawns on Metalopolis and Shattered Temple have been modified to prevent close ground spawns” and “starting spawns on Shakuras Plateau have been modified to ensure cross-map spawns only.”

MLG’s Columbus event will take place on June 3rd through the 5th. Be sure to tune in that weekend so you can cheer on the compLexity crew.