MLG Columbus SC2 Player List Revealed

BY Andrew Miesner / May 27, 2011

Today Major League Gaming revealed the full player list for next week’s MLG Columbus event. Listed in order of “Rank Points” earned from previous MLG tournaments, the list contains all 271 competitors from North America, Europe and Asia.

As expected, the top 10 includes:

  • Dignitas.NaNiWa
  • KiEiKaKi
  • SeleCT-
  • EGiNcontroL
  • LiquidTLO
  • EGIdrA
  • FXOmOoNan
  • SLush
  • ROOT-drewbie
  • SjoW

It is important to note that the four Korean players invited from the League Exchange Program (MMA, Bomber, Losira and Moon) have been seeded 17th-20th.

To check out the full list, click here.