MLG Columbus Teams Announced

BY Andrew Miesner / May 28, 2010

With MLG Columbus right around the corner, starting on June 4th, MLG has announced 14 out of the 16 teams who will be attending the event. Included in the list are notables such as coL.Black and Red, Button Bashers, who will be playing under the Loaded tag, and Fnatic.

Teams will be placed into one of two groups with 8 teams in each group. The top two from each group will advance to the double elimination bracket to determine the champion. Teams will be competing for over $15,000.

The list of teams is as follows:


1. United  States Nerdstompers (Hoodrych, Velsuz, Nadagast)
2. United  States Fnatic (Yog, Douja, Woundman)
3. United  States Complexity Red (Snutz, Venruki, Reckful, Sodah)
4. United  States Complexity Black (Toez, Flexx, Twixz)
5. United  States PK Cards (Zilea, Valrath, Veex)
6. United  States Team EG (Azael, Pookz, Cdew)
7. United  States Loaded Blue (Didy, Deltons, Brogo)
8. South Korea Loaded Black (Orangemarmalade, Numberone, Satz)
9. United  States Rensy’s Team (Voodoomoose, Rensyx, Champyz)
10. United  States Skill Capped Central (Filovirus, Nevershock, Zyz)
11. United  States Skill Capped East (Enforcer, Verty, Jigslol)
12. United  States Skill Capped West (Vidra, Pollee, Diziet, Bothi)
13. United  States (Talbadar, Nuvos, Drmayonaise)
14. United States SK Gaming U.S. (Realz, Glickz, Kollektiv)
15. To Be Determined
16. To Be Determined


More information regarding the event can be found by clicking here