MLG Meadowlands

BY Andrew Miesner / April 3, 2009

The MLG Meadowlands tournament will be taking place this weekend to kick off the 2009 MLG Pro Circuit. This event will be featuring Halo 3 and Gears of War 2. In Halo 3, players are participating in 4v4 team based games, along with free-for-all matches. In Gears of War 2, team based games are also 4v4. For this event we will be giving you a little preview to the main attraction: Halo 3. Along with that little preview, we will be posting hot scores from the top competitors.

MLG Meadowlands Live Stream

Top 4 Halo 3 Team Previews

Str8 Rippin

Coming off the 2008 season as the National Champions, these guys are undoubtebly the team to beat this season. The Meadowlands will be a test for other teams to see if the off season gave them some gain to be able to hang with the national champs. Str8 Rippin is the only team in the top 16 that has kept the same roster from the whole 2008 season into 2009.


Instinct has emerged as a fan favorite ever since ex-Final Boss member Walshy joined their ranks. Captain Clutch has always been a fan favorite since dominating the scene with FB. Instinct changed up their roster with the addition of Neighbor, which adds a ton of raw slaying power. They will be a top contender this year.

Final Boss

Final Boss has always been a top team, but the same faces of that original team are not returning this season. The only original Final Boss member from before is OGRE2. The other players decided to go different routes including his brother OGRE1, who will be playing for “The Incredibles” for 2 events before he goes to study abroad. With a new roster since last season, it will be interesting to see how this team performs.

Triggers Down

Triggers Down has had it’s fair share of team changes. Having different rosters for five of the six tournaments in 2008, change is not something new. If they make it through the first two rounds of the Meadowlands tournament, they will be facing Str8 Ripping and that could be an interesting test.

Hot Scores

Final Boss > The Incredibles (Ogre1 vs. Ogre2)   3-0

Believe the Hype > Triggers Down 3-1

Str8 Rippin > Carbon 3-2

Believe the Hype > Str8 Rippin 3-2

Infinity > Final Boss 3-1

Triggers Down > Carbon 3-0

Triggers Down > Final Boss 3-2


Stay tuned to for updates as the MLG Meadowlands tournament progresses!