MLG Orlando Details SC2 Casters and Streams

BY Andrew Miesner / October 11, 2011

Today Major League Gaming announced the full commentator line up for the StarCraft II portion of its Orlando event. Featuring ten casters in total, MLG will be providing the standard Red and Blue streams like previous MLG event. What’s new for Orlando is that MLG will also have two Members-only Beta streams featuring the casters Adebisi, Nerski, Tumba and Robin as they cast matches from the floor stations. This means that on top of the two stages, eSports fans will now be able to see Championship and Open Bracket matches from the tournament floor.

In addition to Adebisi, Nerski, Tumba and Robin, MLG is bringing back Day9, djWheat, JP McDaniel, Tastless, Artosis and Husky. According to MLG “With six casters switching off on the Red and Blue streams, we can ensure that the broadcast will have even less downtime, as teams will be ready to step in whenever one team needs a break.”

To give eSports fans an idea of what MLG Orlando will look like this weekend, the organization has released a pretty in depth schedule. From the looks of things MLG Orlando is looking like one of the best events of the year. Be sure to tune in this Friday at 5:00 PM EST to see all the great games. While you’re watching, be sure to root for the compLexity crew as they’ll definitely be bringing their A game.