MLG Release SC2 Replays from Orlando

BY Andrew Miesner / November 1, 2011

Today Major League Gaming released all of the StarCraft II Replay files from both the Open and the Championship Brackets from its MLG Orlando event. To download the replays click here.

Some newer members of the StarCraft II community may be wondering why this is a big deal. Well, for starters, replays provide a great way to learn how the pros play. Essentially a replay hold all the information from the specific game you’re looking at. You can watch the game from an objective third person perspective like the commentators do, or you can watch the game through the eyes of one of the players. As I’m sure you can imagine, this type of insight can do wonders for you game.

If you are one of these newer SC2 community members, do yourself a favor and download these replay packs. Find a player whose style seems to match yours (like CatZ, RSVP, TriMaster or Drewbie) and take notes on the differences between your play and their. Keep an eye out for things like scouting methods, what choices you can infer base on what you’re seeing, and basic timings you can take advantage of. With a little work, analyzing replays can really do wonders for you game.