MLG Releases Full Lineup for Anaheim

BY Andrew Miesner / July 22, 2011

With MLG Anaheim just one week away, it’s hard not to get excited. MLG Columbus was a huge success and Major League Gaming is looking to out do itself with its next event. Hoping to spark some discussion and get the fan excited, Major League Gaming has released the full StarCraft II player list for next weekend’s event.

The Pools will include: (Note the GSL Spots will be filled in by SlayerS_BoxeR, DongRaeGu, MMA, and MVP)

On top of the killer lineup in the Pool Play, there’s also the stacked Open Bracket. Notable players in the Open Bracket include:

  • Alicia
  • Ganzi
  • Choya
  • Liquid`Tyler
  • FXO.qxc
  • Fenix
  • SixJax’s Vibe, Major, Skew, and dde
  • EG’s DeMusliM, Axslav, LZGaMeR & StrifeCro
  • HDStarcraft
  • Destiny
  • CompLexity’s FireZerg, Ryze, Catz, CrunCher, RSVP, and Stalife
  • Agh
  • KawaiiRice
  • ThisIsJimmy
  • Pokebunny
  • FnaticTT1

Also be sure to keep an eye on Lizzuma and Gensulitor who will be representing the first batch of players from CompLexity’s Academy.

With big names like that duking it out in the Open Bracket, there’s sure to be some fantastic games. Make sure you tune into MLG Anaheim next weekend (July 29-31) and give the CompLexity crew your support.