MLG Releases Infograph Detailing Raleigh SC2 Statistics

BY Andrew Miesner / September 15, 2011

Today MajorLeagueGaming released a cool little infograph detailing the StarCraft II statistics from their MLG Raleigh event.

As you probably guessed Terran was the most played race, however not by that big of a margin. Only 36% of the players were Terran, closely followed by 35% Protoss.

Another cool little factoid is that Shakuras Plateau was the most popular map with 122 games played on it. Shattered Temple came in at a close second with 120 games played. I was a little surprised that the popular GSL map Dual Sight was picked the least. I would have expected that ICCup TestBug would have been the least popular, however that might be because I don’t really follow the ICCup circuit.

One fact worth mentioning is that coL.MVP DongRaeGu had the highest APM of all the players clocking in at an astounding 274 actions per minute. The next closest player was, unsurprisingly, the Tornado Terran oGs.Nada with 270 APM.

Personally I love these infographs and I hope that MLG keeps releasing them after every event. They provide a little insight to the subtleties of competitive StarCraft II.