MLG Reveals Pricing and Players for the Winter Arena

BY Andrew Miesner / February 13, 2012

Today Major League Gaming announced that it’s Winter Arena, held in New York City on February 24-26, will be a pay-per-view event. According to MLG, the viewing pass will cost $20 and will grant access to:


  • 20 hours of live gameplay
    • Every single match from the tournament will be streamed with commentary
    • 32 of the world’s best players will be competing for $26,000 in prizes, as well as Championship seeding.
    • The broadcast will air live– Friday, 2/24 – 5:30pm – midnight ET, Saturday, 2/25 – 1:30pm – 10:00pm ET, Sunday, 2/26 – 1:30pm-8pm ET
  • FIVE live streams in HD for the entire weekend
    • The MLG Main Stream:  the highly polished content you’ve come to expect from the Pro Circuit
    • Three gameplay streams: constant action and commentary from some of the best up-and-coming StarCraft 2 casters
    • The Dr Pepper MLG Ultimate Access Stream: go behind the scenes for a candid look at your favorite players that will feature interviews, polls, chat, and more
  • MLG’s new Premium streaming experience page
    • Never miss a moment–watch up to all five streams at once
    • Quick access to the brackets, schedule, liveblog, chat, and more
    • Instantly switch audio tracks and position each stream on the page; customize your own experience 
  • Instant access to VOD
    • VOD will go up immediately following each match, right on the page
    • VOD will be released for free for those who didn’t purchase an Arena pass one week after the end of the competition


Going along the same lines, MLG also announced the full player list for their Winter Arena today. In order to be invited to the Winter Arena, players needed to place in the top 8 of one of the three regional qualifiers. The players who qualified are:

OQ European Bracket:
1. Violet
2. Ret
3. Thorzain
4. Pomi
5. Socke
6. Sjow
7. Grubby
8. Merz

OQ Korea/Taiwan Bracket:
1. Nestea
2. Parting
3. Losira
4. MarineKing
5. Oz
6. STC
7. Ganzi
8. San

OQ North American Bracket: 
1. Drewbie
2. Ddoro
3. Sheth
4. SaSe
5. Axslav
6. Artist
7. Minigun
8. DDE

These 24 players will be joined by the top 8 from MLG Providence to make a 32 player bracket. The top 8 from Providence are:

1. Leenock
2. Naniwa
3. DongRaeGu
4. Mvp
5. Huk
6. MC
7. Haypro
8. Idra

It is important to note that compLexity.MVP will have three players participating in the Winter Arena. Drewbie, Minigun, and DongRaeGu will all be sporting the compLexity jersey as they fight for a chunk of the $26,000 prize pool as well as placement in the Winter Championship event held in Columbus, Ohio on March 23-25. Be sure to tune into the Winter Arena on February 24th and cheer on compLexity!