MLG SC2 Player List; Watch in HD

BY Andrew Miesner / August 13, 2010

Two weeks ago MLG announced the addition of StarCraft II. Now, MLG has released the names of the sixty-four players who will be competing at the first event!

Out of the sixty-four players, six are currently ranked in the Top 10 in North America. CompLexity’s very own Silver will be in attendance and is currently ranked 10th!


Registered Players

Players in bold are ranked in the top 10 in North America.

.Dismojoe Gretorp qxc
agh Huk RandyCross
ajtls imakeroaches Response
alex869 Immortal Spawn Sheth
aReteMadison inka coL.Silver
avilo Instinct212 Dignitas.Sjow
BackpackSC2 ItsYoungLee SLush
Blind_Rave J3TTY Sp_
Bluewolf. Joblesso SpruceGoose
BotD Josekii Suggy
captainwaffles1 Kiwikaki TeknoBoy
CauthonLuck LzGamer thebullfrog
damaddar Machine ThisisJimmy
DoctaRich MaMe_tZ Time
drewbie Masq tommmmmmm
eNtity MungiuSa Socke
everytime Nadagast2 Tyler
Fayth NullChar UNC-oRe.saMa
TTOne Paiilicious Urbanizer
FoolyMlg PainUser V4L0R
Future proctaisballin w_Ender_w

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Meet the casters for StarCraft 2:

Sean “Day9” Plott is an 11-year veteran player and StarCraft commentator, known to the majority of the StarCraft 2 community for his “Day9 Daily” internet live stream shows. His expertise at the game and exciting personality make Day9 a community favorite.

JP McDaniel has made a name for himself in the ever-growing StarCraft 2 community with his commentary on the MLG KOTBH SC2 beta Showmatch series, as well as with his community outreach efforts and extensive PR experience in StarCraft and World of Warcraft.

Alex “HDStarCraft” Do and Mike “Husky” Lamond hardly need any introduction. Boasting the #3 and #4 rated channels on YouTube, with replays reaching beyond 150,000 views each, this dynamic duo’s high-definition StarCraft 2 replay commentaries have taken the gaming community and the public by storm. Their energetic play-by-play and “everyman” analysis gives their broadcasts the perfect blend of game knowledge and layman’s commentary.

Make sure you stay locked to as we will be on scene in Raleigh bringing you LIVE coverage of the first North American StarCraft II Lan.