MLG to Host First Combine Event

BY Andrew Miesner / February 3, 2010

Amateur players looking for a chance to rise to the top of competitve Halo 3 will get a chance to strut their stuff in Nashville this coming March, in MLG’s first combine event.

MLG’s Co-Founder, Sundance DiGiovanni, explained the community’s desire for amateur players to prove their worth, and have partnered with Doritos to make it happen.

A combine event will precede the live Pro Circuit events throughout the year, where winning teams will walk away with a coveted Team Pass to that very Pro Circuit event.

An excerpt from the official post can be scene below:

WHO CAN COMPETE: The Combine is an amateur-only competition that is all about putting the spotlight on upcoming talent. No pro players are eligible to compete in the Combine.

COMPETITION FORMAT: Halo 3 4v4 (256 team bracket) and Halo 3 FFA (1,280 player bracket). 4v4 Team Passes include automatic entry to the FFA.

HOW IT WORKS: Fight your way to the top of the heap in an all-amateur tournament. Winners will get awesome prizes, including some cash, free travel and accommodations, as well as a reserved Team Pass for the following Pro Circuit Live Competition. Any competitor that stands out has the chance to be personally evaluated by an MLG Pro.


Source: MLG