MoB 7th Team Invited to ESEA-I

BY Andrew Miesner / January 19, 2009
Earlier today, ESEA announced that MoB gaming would be the 7th team to be invited to the 2nd season of the ESEA Invite division. Teams will be competing for $20,000 in cash prizes. Season 2 features a 12 team invite division for 1.6 with one new team being introduced per day.

MoB Gaming is one of the more recognizable teams in the USA, housing some of the top players in the country, most from the west coast. The roster, consisting of what looks to be a u5 reunion, has the talent to take the league by storm and possibly take home the top prize.

  • MoB Roster

  • United States Noah “StrikeR” Alvarado
  • United States Cyrus “org” Habibi
  • United States Albert “hahN” Hahn
  • United States Jimmy “foogz” Koller
  • United States Hoang “s0nNy” Tran

Source: Gotfrag