MoB adds L4D

BY Andrew Miesner / January 18, 2009

Valve’s latest shooter, Left 4 Dead, is slowly becoming a mainstream competitive game across many leagues, and MoB is proud to announce it’s 2009 line-up for the game.  You might recall some of Valve’s earlier successes such as Counter-Strike and Team Fortress 2, and this game is the latest addition.

MoB’s new roster:

Max “MoB Reiger” Reiger
Alisha “MoB GunnerGirl” Brooks
Alex “MoB Alex” Kelmenson
Hunter “MoB stza” Toth
Vincent “MoB Snake” Maltase
Daniel “MoB kuko” Still
Kris “MoB methodz” Maureira

Left 4 Dead is just breaking into the competitive realm.  With a 16 team tournament on called the Infected Cup, and with CEVO and CAL looking into it, it is sure to be the next big online game.  MoB Gaming is looking to break into the early stages of the game in the top ranks right from the start. 

Currently, MoB’s L4D team is 6-0 in TWL, and is registered for the Infected Cup.  The winners of the Infected Cup will be able to claim bragging rights until CEVO or CAL kicks in, so this is a big tournament to see who can start on the top, as sponsors are lining up to see teams play each other.

After the majority of the team met up in the Call of Duty series, they decided to team up yet again in Left 4 Dead.  MoB is excited to see where this team can go as they begin to work their way up the ranks in every L4D tournament, starting with the Infected Cup.  Be sure to look out for this new team throughout the next few months!


Source: MoB