MoB Adds WoW Team

BY Andrew Miesner / February 1, 2009

World of Warcraft seems to be THE eSport game for 2009. Now MoB has announced that they will once again pick up a WoW team for 2009. Their old WoW team now plays under the fnatic flag.

The new MoB WoW lineup consists of:

Natye “hamchook” Hajtas
Nicholas “Nick” DaCunha
Dave “Fisker” Mastruobono

The lineup will be playing a Hunter, Paladin, Shaman combination.

I think our setup will be good because not many people get to play against really good hunters, or combos like us.  I think we will be able to surprise a lot of people. – Natye “hamchook” Hajtas

The team is still waiting for events to be announced, but they will practice hard untill then.