MoB Gaming adds TF2

BY Andrew Miesner / May 15, 2009

MoB Gaming has recently decided to dip into the Team Fortress 2 scene by adding a new squad. When you look at the roster, a few names pop out; namely former compLexity players sycknesS and TheFragile. The squad is currently participating in the CEVO OCZ tournament.

Nick “TheFragile” Leon had this to say about sycknesS and the new squad:

SycknesS is on their (pure) roster for ESEA, and he’s on our roster for CEVO. He’ll stick with whoever he likes more sometime later. We came across mob because I’m good friends with ChimPae (he plays for one of their CoD squads). This roster really isn’t a pug. Justin asked some teamless players and we formed a pretty solid team in my eyes.

MoB Gaming TF2:

Bryan “bLackstar” Johnson
Justin “Justin” White
Craig “Nightmare`HX” Webb
Nick “TheFragile” Leon
Matthew “TecHNaSTy” Lorenzini
Ryan “sycknesS” Mitchell
Brenden “brenden” Johnson