MoB Signs KreeganBG

BY Andrew Miesner / January 20, 2009

by Liam “Loki” Belcher

MoB picks up Felipe “KreeganBG” Stoyne for their FIFA division!

Being a FIFA player, it excites me to see a good friend and an even better FIFA player in Felipe “Kreegan” Stoyne get picked up for his talents. After two seasons of playing for compLexity in the CGS and being renowned worldwide for his skills in FIFA, winning a second place prize in WCG in 2005 for FIFA USA. Amongst his other accomplishments – he also finished 3rd the following year in the WCG FIFA team and then came 2nd overall in the FIFA standings for the CGS. He’s already got off to a great start in the latest soccer (I know it’s really called football but what can I do? I’m a Red Coat surrounded by Americans) game by finishing 2nd in the SGL’s Online Championship.

Of course all of us here at compLexity wish the ex-coL player the best of luck in the future and hope to see him compete for many years to come!