MOBA Weekly Debuts Thursday

BY Andrew Miesner / August 30, 2011

VOD – September 1st

MOBA Weekly

compLexity Gaming is thrilled to announce the creation of a weekly show that will serve one of the largest overall communities in the world of gaming:  the Multiplayer Online Battle Arena (or “MOBA”) scene that includes DotA 2, League of Legends and Heroes of Newerth. 

MOBA Weekly is a production headlined by three hosts and a weekly guest and will feature discussions about news, game development, eSports, strategies, rumors and more.  The debut episode is this Thursday, September 1, at 5:30 EDT.



The hosts of the show will be Adnan “Darthozzan” Dervisevic (DotA 2), Ken “xanderk” Smith (HoN) and Shaun “FourCourtJester” Delaney (LoL).  Each host will have 30 minutes to discuss his respective game and 30 minutes will be reserved for the guest interview.  Please help us spread the word and tune in Thursday for the debut episode!  Thanks for your support!

MOBA Weekly Live Show
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