MOBAFire Interviews coL.LoL’s Nickwu

BY Andrew Miesner / February 6, 2013

Today the good people over at posted an interview with our very own Nick “Nickwu” Smith. Part of the team The Brunch Club which was acquired by compLexity earlier this month, Nick discusses the process of joining compLexity, the team’s practice schedule, competing against his brother’s squad Team MRN, and his thoughts on game balance.

CompLexity Gaming is a huge name in eSports with championship squads in Counter-Strike, a top ranked Heroes of Newerth team, and had a well-respected Dota 2 team. How does it feel to be picked up by an organization that has such a storied past as compLexity Gaming?

It feels great! I’m glad we got picked up by a great team with such a history. I’m definitely excited and looking forward to representing compLexity.

How does the team plan to achieve the same level of success other compLexity teams have accomplished in other games?

We plan to practice A LOT in our training house. I believe it’ll be 6 days a week for at least 6 hours each day, but it’s all flexible. We have a manager to keep us focused and help us achieve maximum efficiency and synergy within the team.

Your brother’s team, Team MRN, seems to be getting all the cinderella buzz in the League Championship Series, but The Brunch Club was quite the unknown team going into the qualifiers. Do you believe your team deserves some of the cinderella hype that Team MRN is getting?

The games that Team MRN played during the LCS qualifiers were intense! I think they do deserve the hype for now, but when the time comes for the actual LCS, we will be getting hyped up for our excellent play.

Read the rest of the interview HERE!

Nick and the rest of coL.LoL will face off against Team MRN in the League of Legends Championship Series next week on the 14th of February. Tune in and watch the new squad show what they’re made of.