Moe vs CEVO?

BY Andrew Miesner / February 12, 2009

In breaking news there appears to be a dispute that has arisen between Moe “Moe” Assad and CEVO regarding payment or nonpayment of prize money.  Assad alleges CEVO has refused to pay him his prize money and the league has a response to the allegations.

Here is a statement by Moe:

As many people have seen or heard I recently won CEVO-P with team Cyber Revolution. This was about a week before Alienware started. Basically I sent in my forms with two other guys on the team (chewbacca,dazed). Clown and frozt sent in the forms the night we won CEVO-p so naturally they got their money first. As time went by chewbacca got his money. Around that time is when the whole Alienware thing blew up.  That pretty much put a hold on all the prize winnings, so about 2 1/2 weeks after we won CEVO-P, me and dazed (in a public irc channel) ask celone if CEVO has recieved our forms, and he assures us that they have all our paper work and are processing them.


More time goes by and all of a sudden dazed recieves his money 3 weeks after winning CEVO-P after having a “talk” with Plitt.  So I was beggining to get frustrated and started hearing rumors from friends that had been saying that CEVO wasn’t gonna pay me my money, so I got on CEVO vent and requested to talk to Plitt. I get dragged down to the admin’s channel where it was Plitt and around 6 other admins sitting in vent as if to “scare me” and Plitt starts asking how he can help. I tell him my problem and he goes on to say that there was probably a mixup in the paperwork and for me to resend it.  I wasn’t buying his “mixup” talk but I told him on vent that I would resend, which I did while talking to him.


Which brings me to today. I have been waiting 8 days since I last sent in my forms and recieved the confirmation that they were been processesd.  I went on CEVO vent and asked to talk to the head of accounting.  Plitt again drags me down this time with 2 other admins in the channel and says how can I help you. I ask him if he knows anyone that can help me with what’s going on, and he says “I’m the only one who knows whats going on. I talk to accounting everyday.” So I ask him, “Then do you know if any checks are going out” and he says “yep, checks are going out, but not yours”.


He went on to tell me that he has my check ready but he has not nor does he have any intention of signing off on it. I told him if this is really how he wants to play it then I’m ok with that. I went on to say if he wasn’t bothered by anything I said about CEVO he wouldn’t have gone this far.  So here I am a month after winning CEVO-P with no prize winnings of any kind.


In my eyes CEVO shoudn’t be able to do these kinds of things especially when I paid to be in the league. But Plitt sees it differently. He told me and I quote ” We can do what ever we want to do.” Now the $600+ dollars doesn’t mean that much to me but I wanted everyone in eSports and anyone who is a veteren of CEVO or a rookie to be wary before entering a league that has a leader that is running his league like what most would call a dictatorship.


Here is a statement by CEVO:

 In response to Mr. Assad –

For the second time in less than a month you find it necessary to make wild, defamatory statements against CEVO. First you spread falsehoods throughout the community that the CMN did not catch your teammates cheating. Now you are accusing us of willfully failing to send out your payments from Season 7 of Source.

CEVO has consistently paid out players with maximum possible expedience and minimal complications.  All we ask is that your forms are filled out correctly and in a timely fashion. For whatever reason, accounting did not receive your paperwork contradictory to what you are claiming Mr. Celone had told you, and I do apologize for that mix-up but we did not force you to wait three or more weeks before coming in to talk to us. As you know, we are here in Ventrilo providing support every night of every week.

It is unfortunate that you have again chosen to falsely and unfairly disparage CEVO. I feel that our track record for paying gamers quickly and with minimal complications speaks for itself and I hope that the thousands of players who have received cash or prizes from CEVO over the years — and those who hope to win something in the future — will recognize your outburst as merely a crass attempt at retribution over the recent situation in which two of your players were banned for cheating.

In any case, you and the other players that submitted earnings forms over the last two weeks should be receiving their checks sometime next week.