Mousesports wins EPS Title

BY Andrew Miesner / June 14, 2009

For the third time in a row, the Counter-Strike 1.6 Euro giants mousesports won the EPS Title! In the competition that had a pot of over €19,000 (a now relatively small amount of money between four teams) it was the German giants that came out on top winning €10,000 between the five team members. The Finals took place at the same time that the Dreamhack Summer games were in the group stages, meaning many of the other higher tier teams could not attend the Swedish event.

It was a closely contested competition leading up to the win for mouseports who had to overcome their rivals Team ALTERNATE who had dominated them in many previous encounters. The finals ended 2 – 0 in favour of the champions making mousesports the only team to ever win the title three times in a row.


Final Standings:

1. Mousesports – 10000 €
2. Team ALTERNATE – 5000 €
3. n!faculty – 2750 €
4. You Don’t Know Me – 1750 €

Source: SK-Gaming