Mousesports Wins KODE5 Denmark

BY Andrew Miesner / April 19, 2009

MousesportsMousesports have just qualified for the KODE5 Grand Finals by winning KODE5 Denamrk over ProStaker. Both teams reportedly played great matches throughout the tournament, but eventually Mousesports came out on top.

After a few teams had cancelled their participation at the KODE5 Denmark Regional Finals, the event was forced to go with small groups. Mousesports, ProStaker and Spirit of Amiga had only one opponent in their group, so their matches were played in a Best-of-Three.

ProStaker didn’t lose a single map until the Grand Final while Mousesports had lost once to Ravens in the Semi Final which was a very close match on de_train. ProStaker had a wonderful tournament until the Grand Final where they then met Mousesports. The whole Grand Final was a very tight and intense game with lots of close rounds which came down to the very end.

Mousesports managed to take down ProStaker after losing on de_dust2 first (12-16) winning de_inferno with 16-6 and de_tuscan with 16-10. Now after losing at KODE5 Germany and KODE5 Sweden, mouseports qualify for the KODE5 Global Finals which will be played May 8th-10th in Moscow, Russia.


Source: SK Gaming