Movie: Reckful 1 – Shadow Dance

BY Andrew Miesner / March 30, 2010

Reckful, coL.Red’s Rogue and the current BG9 #1 Rogue in PvP action has released a movie titled “Reckful 1- Shadow Dance.” The movie is a compilation of clips from one week of playing. Below is the official description from Reckful himself:


Primary 3v3 with Snutz, Sodahz.
Secondary 3v3 with Pookz, Verty/Sodah.
Playing Subtlety, recently slightly buffed in patch 3.3.3 3/23/2010. Today is 3/30/2010.
Recorded in under one week – how we play every day, not a collage of highlights. No fancy editing. No mods.