mTw releasing CS 1.6 team rumours false

BY Andrew Miesner / March 6, 2009

Many coverage sites have been reporting that the CS 1.6 powerhouse mTw will be releasing their Counter-Strike 1.6 team have been proved false according to an official statement on the teams website.

After winning the group stage of the current IEM Masters III, we were surprised by the news on several coverage websites that we will part ways with out Danish team. But rest assured that we are very satisfied with the performance and couldn’t be happier with our recent winning streak. No other team dominated the international Counter-Strike circuit like our Danish division. It would be plain stupid to release such a team. On the contrary, we are already interested to extend our cooperation beyond the year of 2009 and support the team as good as we can. We can only assume that unknown sources are interested in stirring trouble through spreading rumors like these. Maybe we should all just focus on our matches! Good luck and may the best team win.

Source: mTw