mTw win Dreamhack Summer 2010

BY Andrew Miesner / June 21, 2010

Dreamhack Summer 2010 is now over and mTw have been crowned the champions! The tournament started out with 16 teams and mTw and H2K were the final two.

After two exciting maps between two very good teams it is mTw from Denmark that stand at the top of the podium 100 000 SEK ($12 953) and 25 000 SEK ($3238) in KVD voucher.

First map (de_train): Already in the first half of the first map, mTw showed that it was they who were going to dominate by winning 10 rounds and only letting H2k get 5 rounds. mTw took the command in the second half as well, going up 5-1 lead before H2k won an eco and could start to grab some rounds. But FYRR73 and his men would only get 5 rounds and a score of 6-5 before mTw finished the first map with a fast rush to b siteand a 16-11 win in the first map was a fact.

Second map (de_dust2): In the first round zonic showed that he wanted his mTw to win the first prize by acing with his usp and giving his team an advantage. Even round number three was zonic’s round when he did he aced for the second time with a usp. H2K, however, didn’t give up. At the score of 5-0 to mTw, H2k picked up their game to win the first half with an 8-7 score. In the second half mTw took command back by winning their fourth pistol round out of four played. They got a 4-0 lead before H2k won their first round. H2k tried to keep up with the Danish bulldozer, but mTw proved to be too much as they too the victory and a Dreamhack Summer 2010 championship.

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The final results were:

1st. mTw – €6,312 + €2,630 KVD voucher
2nd. H2K-Gaming – €3,156 + 5 MSi motherboards
3rd. MYM – €1,052