mTw wins KODE5 Spain

BY Andrew Miesner / April 6, 2009

This event had quite a large turnout. There were 22 different teams who participated; it was broken into 4 groups. The top 2 from each bracket advanced to a double elimination tournament. DTS defeated mTw in a very surprising first match 16-14 throwing them into the loser’s bracket. This did not stop mTw though; they rolled through 3 different opponents: crackclan, ledpc, x6tence.

They worked their way all the way up to the Grand Finals to face the team that defeated them, DTS. Coming from the lower bracket, they needed to win two maps. The first map was de_dust2; mTw took it 16-13. The second map was de_nuke; mTw again won 16-9, and qualified for Moscow, Russia.