mTw with new German lineup

BY Andrew Miesner / January 13, 2010

The lesser acclaimed portion of the mTw organization is that of their German Counter-Strike squad, that has had some trying times in the past, has made some changes to their roster.

Following less than stellar results in last season’s ESL EPS, and a reflection on itself, the organization and players have decided to move on. Along with that, they’ve also decided to bring in a new team of players. They released the following press release (translated from German):

After last season, we sat down with the old team of the past year to reflect and put the new goals for the year 2010. The team, centered around Gerhard “gerdi” Grimm, deliberated for a long time and they came to the conclusion that the past season should have been the last for the majority of the team. So we thank the clan, mTw.Mindfactory, our old Counter Strike 1.6 lineup, which consisted of the following players: Daniel “frigh” Enderle, Louis “brundle” Arnold, Michael Koenig berger meatball “Wassong, Tobias” Tobson “Lichtner, Gerhard “gerdi” Grimm and Bernd “fox” Schmid and wish them well in their future-sports-ways and of course for life outside the Internet.

Now, however, we had to go on the prowl for new players who were ready to take on the mTw.Mindfactory label along with their skills, and to stand amongst Germany’s premier class. After long discussions and an intensive search by the team manager, Martin “gori” Dornig, chose in consultation with the management, a mix of newcomers and experienced players.

Now, the mTw.Mindfactory lineup is the following:

Markus “crash” Esser
Niko “foolisH” Zimmermann
Michael “zy” Rettig
Max “cruzN” Klasen

Christoph “divine” Mohr