MugNMouse adds TF2

BY Andrew Miesner / April 7, 2009

TF2MugNMouse has officially added Team Fortress 2 to their roster. After seeing all the rage from other teams who’s rosters include TF2, MugNMouse thought it was about time to do the same.

MugNMouse TF2 is composed of players which spent this past ESEA and CEVO season either ringing or pugging, after their teams had died. They decided to form a solid roster which will hopefully last longer than a few weeks.

Team leader, Joe “Nitrous” Vittorio, had this to say:

While only being together for the past few weeks, we’ve been playing unofficially together for the better part of a year. When we decided to make a team for the upcoming summer season. One of our main concerns was finding a sponsor that would be able to help us in the same way we could help them. After searching for a bit we came across MNM and couldn’t be happier.


The team will be competing ESEA and CEVO next season under the MugNMouse name.

MNM TF2 Roster:

Joe “Nitrous” Vittorio (Team Leader)
Tristan “fibby” Lewis
Nate “cringe” Samra
Lindsey “Movement” Anderson
Patrick “St.Patrick” Burton
Sri “ft” Jamalapur

Source: GotFrag