MYM Adds Happy

BY Andrew Miesner / February 18, 2009

MeetYourMakers has announced their newest addition to their Warcraft 3 division just days after Manuel “Grubby” Schenkhuizen joined the squad. Former Mousesports player Dmitriy “Happy” Kostin has now joined MYM.WC3, who has been absent for roughly 6 months after leaving Mouz when they decided to withdrawal from ESL’s WC3L.

Team Captain Grubby said: “Happy is showing strong performances nearly every LAN he’s attended.”

Happy’s most recent accomplishments include a 3rd place finishing at BlizzCon, a 3rd place finishing at WCG 2008 and a 5th – 6th place showing at PGL Season IV.

With Happy and Grubby now a part of he newly established MYM.WC3 team, there is only room for 1 more player to finish out the roster. It was announced that MYM.WC3 would only consist of 3 players, but the question is — who will fill the vacant spot?