MYM Article: “I fear for eSports”

BY Andrew Miesner / February 2, 2009

An interesting article was recently published on the MeetYourMakers official website. The article touches base on what is apparently.. a fear for eSports and its survival. As we head into 2009, with the economy looking the way it does and everyone holding onto their last ounces of cash — is there room for growth for our beloved eSports? The articles covers several important topics such as: ESWC and the popular G7 Teams.

G7 Teams

Here is a snippet of the article below:

“One cannot help but think that something is wrong when elite Counter-Strike and Warcraft III players are without a home. And 2009 will most likely bring many changes to several organizations, with some folding and others unable to put together the financial package required to retain the services of their players. This means that those with hard cash ready to be spent will find themselves kings in a kingdom built on shaky ground.”

God bless those that strive for perfection in their games and organizations and to those that put their all into this crazy world of dreams known as eSports.

Get the full version of the article HERE