MYM Drops Warcraft 3 and Starcraft Divisions

BY Andrew Miesner / January 29, 2009

Update: After the departure from mYm, the former Captain of the Warcraft3 team has decided to retire from gaming. Jung-Ki “Susiria” Oh spent almost 5 years under the MYM banner and has many accomplishments during his tenure with the organization. Among those accomplishments was the NGL ONE championship which the team won 4 straight times in a row. When asked about his retirement he said: “I will no longer play Warcraft 3. I will stop and only play in some tournaments for fun. But I think all my other team-mates are still playing Warcraft 3.”

In a recent turn of events, MeetYourMakers has announced that they will be dropping their entire Warcraft 3 and Starcraft divisions. A total of seventeen players and four managers are now clanless from this cut back. The Warcraft 3 team has seen many successes with star players such as Grubby and Moon, so it is a shock to see them be released. The decision came to be when the mother company behind ESNation A/S decided to cut back and re-focus on what teams to support more and to restrategize for the upcoming year. Below is a quote from the announcement made by Mercy, the Chief Operations Officer of MYM.

As the founder of the MYM team back in 2001 it is with sadness that I have to make this announcement, but as a professional entrepreneur I respect our decision and look at all the fantastic things we have achieved with our Warcraft 3 and Starcraft:Broodwar teams during the past 8 years, it was worth it and it has been one heck of a trip and there are more to come for sure.

The former division rosters were as follows:

Former MYM Warcraft 3

Manuel ‘Grubby’ Schenkhuizen
Jae Ho ‘Moon’ Jang
Jae Wook ‘Lucifer’ Noh
Jung Ki ‘Susiria’ Oh
Deok Man ‘SocceR’ Youn
Jae shin ‘EVE’ Park

Former MYM Starcraft: Brood War

Greg ‘Dreiven’ Kordek
Michael ‘Ghosta Beck
Alexandr ‘Fast’ Zdunkevich
Jacek ‘LastNight69’ T.
Vytautas ‘Arew’ Graiciunas
Cristóbal ‘DinOt’ Lledó
Jian Fei ‘IefNaij’ Wang
Yoon seob ‘Yoon’ Lee
Eugene ‘Strelok’ Oparyshev
Grzegorz ‘userek’ Muśko
Jarek ‘Yayba’ Pociecha

Source: SK Gaming