MYM returns

BY Andrew Miesner / August 19, 2009

The Meet Your Makers organization announced today their return to the e-sports scene in just less than eight days. The organization died this past March after announcing bankruptcy. However, an official announcement has been released on the MYM’s webpage, confirming that MYM will return. The official press release is below:

Once upon a time, in a place between Orcs and Terrorists, there was a major force of individuals in the world of eSports that gathered together in order to form an elite team. These individuals became a group determined to bring glory to their battle field. They defined excellence, embodied the highest quality of their craft. They strove for victory and would not be satisfied without being the best. Even their biggest opponents failed to block their goals. There then day came when those legends fulfilled their mission and were ordered to rest.  
As time passed and the world of eSports went through changes, for better or worse, I can now see a silhouette on the horizon, now ready to make their appearance. The elite fiends which come to usher a new era, to utilize their skills, to revolutionize their industry once again. Their battle cry is known, their war drums are familiar. They walk briskly and arrive quickly, carrying the emblem of MYM on their banners.  
Are you ready to Meet Your Makers – in less then eight days?