MYM Turned Into a Franchise

BY Andrew Miesner / February 16, 2009

ESNation, the parent company of Meet your Makers (MYM) has announced it has turned MYM into a franchise

ESNation, the parent company of MYM has announced it has turned MYM into a franchise.  MYM will retain the brand, the players and staff while will remain under the control of ESNation.  Below is the press release from

ESNation A/S hereby announces that the MYM teams have been turned into a franchise and that the franchise rights for them have been licensed to the Danish company Frontspawn ApS.

The new Franchise concept covers the MYM team(s) brand, players and managers, while and staff will continue to be run and operated by ESNation A/S and also act as home of the MYM teams as prior to the team being turned into a Franchise.

The company that will run the new franchise based MYM team is the newly established company Frontspawn ApS, who has  Ronnie Jelsbak as founder and managing director.
 Ronnie Jelsbak has a long track record within professional gaming, mostly known for the management of the MYM Counter-Strike 1.6 team, where he will also continue his work, now just with whole MYM as focus area.

Statement from ESNation A/S,  Mark Peter Fries, COO.

With today’s announcement of ESNation turning the MYM teams into a franchise, a new era starts and also a brand new way of thinking business within eSports begins. A concept that with ESNation and Frontspawn together not only assures the MYM teams the best of the best, but also benefit both companies in various ways.

With the announcement a lot of questions to the famous “why” in the past weeks have also been answered. Especially the release of the Warcraft 3 and Starcraft Mark Peter Friesteams and employees have filled quite a bit, but when building a franchise concept there are a lot things that need to be taken into consideration and also obligations that cannot just be passed on to a new Franchisee, which together with the focus and strategy change of ESNation, is why these decisions were taken.

We have for a long time been working on the franchise project and have been on the look for the right company/people to take on the challenges of running a Franchise like the MYM teams. With Frontspawn ApS now as the official Franchisee, we are certain that we have chosen a company with people that share the same visions for MYM as ESNation does and who also are able to continue building the brand based on the same high values and standards as we have had since 2001.

Source: myMYM