Mythic Eye of the Jailer Boss Guide

BY Andrew Miesner / July 14, 2021

Written and produced by Crzypck

Special thanks to our consultant: Tagzz

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Disclaimer: This guide assumes you know and understand how to defeat the heroic encounter, and as such will not be talking about basics of the boss itself. This is intended to teach you the differences between heroic and Mythic, and how to defeat the Mythic version. If you need a refresher on the basics of the encounter, please visit our heroic guide. 

Mythic Changes

  • Hopeless Lethargy
    • Puts a debuff on 3 random players
    • Denoted by a greyish circle animation around the targets, along with an arrow above your head
    • Anyone within the circle takes 5500 Shadow damage per 1.5 seconds
    • Also slowed by 50%
    • Happens periodically whenever you’re fighting the Eye
  • Scorn & Ire
    • Debuffs go out during Stage 2, while fighting the Deathseeker Eyes
    • Each player in the raid gets 1, either Scorn, or Ire
      • You get your first debuff based on whichever add you’re within 70 yards of
      • If you’re within 70 yards of both, your debuff is random
      • Because of this, you can control who gets which debuff by simply assigning people to be near where each Deathseeker Eye spawns

  • Both debuffs work the same way – deal 1k Shadow every 1.5 seconds for 9 seconds
  • Gain a new stack every 8 seconds during this phase, meaning the damage ramps up over time
    • You continue getting new stacks based on which add you’re near
  • If you run into a player with the opposite debuff, you each explode and die
    • This explosion also does 41k Shadow damage to all other players
  • Deathseeker Eyes
    • These need to be tanked a minimum of 55 yards away on mythic, or Shared Suffering triggers & wipes the raid


Mythic Strategy


  • We recommend 2 tanks, 4-5 healers, and 13-14 DPS. There’s two different ways to handle stage 2, which dramatically alter the healing requirement. In general, you’ll likely be able to defeat this with 4 healers, so start with that. Only add the 5th healer if neither option below works for your raid.

Stage 1

  • Largely the same as heroic, with a couple notable things
  • Players with Hopeless Lethargy should move away from the group, towards an edge. Make sure you don’t run into people
  • When the Stygian Abductor casts Dragging Chains, all non-tank players who don’t have Hopeless Lethargy should help soak the circle, and help split the chain pull
    • Having less than 10 soak will likely cause people to be yoinked off the side
    • Use movement abilities here like Stampeding Roar or Wind Rush Totem, if available
  • Tanks need to make sure they’re using mitigation properly when Deathlink is cast – the more damage you take as a tank, the worse your raid gets pummeled
  • Dodge swirlies, don’t get hit by the spinning lazer, kill the add after it lands

Stage 2

  • You have two options here
  • Option 1
    • Option 1 is basically split the two adds on either side, and whatever debuff you get at the start, you stay on that boss’s side the entire Stage 2

  • By doing this, you have very little movement during Stage 2, and just sit and nuke
  • The tradeoff is you’ll get a large amount of stacks, likely up to 8-9 stacks. This hurts, and is a healing check. Kill the Deathseeker eyes before the DoTs overcome your healers
  • We recommend giving this a couple tries, and see if you have the DPS. If not, use option 2 listed below for a few weeks. Try Option 1 again as your raid continues to gear up
  • As the damage ramps up later on with this option, don’t be scared to pop healer CDs. The damage gets pretty nutty, so keep yourselves alive
  • Option 2
    • This involves swapping which sides the raid is on at 4 stacks of the debuffs. Everyone except the tanks will move to the opposite add, causing your debuff to swap, which resets your stacks back to 1
      • The biggest benefit here is a substantial reduction in damage intake by your raid, making it far more easy to 4 heal, and allowing you to 4 heal with lower overall raid DPS
      • The downside is a lot of additional movement & downtime
    • The players on the Scorn side should take a wide loop towards the bottom of the room, and move to the Ire add
      • The Ire players should use the harpoons to lob themselves to the Scorn add
      • This way, there’s no chance of people accidentally crossing paths
      • Do this once per occurrence of Stage 2, when the raid has 4 stacks of their respective debuffs

  • Regardless of which option you choose for dealing with stacks, the player with Desolation Beam should just move off to the side a bit. Make sure you’re away from other players and nobody is inside your circle
  • Make sure to drop the goop puddles from Spreading Misery towards the edges of the room

Stage 3

  • Pop lust immediately upon entering stage 3, OR, at the 6 minute mark into the fight
    • The 6 minute mark is nice because it means all 2 and 3 minute CDs should be available
  • Handle everything else like in Phase 1. Don’t eat swirlies, Hopeless Lethargy people move away, don’t get lazered, tanks stay healthy for Deathlink, move away with Desolation beam, everyone help soak the Dragging Chains
  • Immediate Extermination ticks for 16k Shadow every 6 seconds, and reduces the raid’s healing taken by 10% per stack
    • Kill the boss before you can’t heal the raid
    • Healers should use whatever CDs they have left as this stage progresses to try and keep everyone stable as long as possible