Mythic Fatescribe Boss Guide

BY Andrew Miesner / August 22, 2021

Written and produced by Crzypck

Special thanks to our consultant: Tagzz

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Disclaimer: This guide assumes you know and understand how to defeat the heroic encounter, and as such will not be talking about basics of the boss itself. This is intended to teach you the differences between heroic and Mythic, and how to defeat the Mythic version. If you need a refresher on the basics of the encounter, please visit our heroic guide. 

Mythic Changes

  • Grim Portent
    • Stage 1 only
    • Marks 10 players, and lights up 10 runes in gray, one for each player
    • Run to whichever rune is super lit up for you
    • After 9 seconds, the runes all explode, dealing mild damage to the soakers
    • Any runes that are not soaked by the proper targets explode for massive damage to the raid, likely a wipe
    • Happens 0:45, then about 3 minutes later
  • Call of Eternity
    • The Call of Eternity targets now each spawn 5 Fate Fragment orbs when they explode
    • Older Echo of Eternity orbs now also spawn Fate Fragments when they explode
  • Exposed Threads of Fate
    • During Stage 2 and Stage 3, when the Loom is active, the Runes get a bit more dangerous
    • Whenever a player with Runic Affinity is standing on a Rune, causing it to rotate, a lazer is created from that Rune, to the center of the room
    • These lazers rotate with the Runes
    • Being hit by the lazer puts a DoT on you
      • Deals 27k damage every 3s for 12s. Don’t get hit
  • Stage 3 Rings
    • When the boss activates the Loom in Stage 3, it’ll be 4 rings to move instead of the 2 you get on heroic
    • All 4 active runes WILL create Exposed Threads of Fate, just like in Stage 2


  • Comp – 2 tanks, 4 healers, 14 DPS
  • Stage 1
    • In stage 1, you’ll handle pretty much everything like heroic
      • Run the Call of Eternity debuffs out to the side
        • When your offtank is free, have them running into orbs
        • This’ll pop & clear them, keeping the room nice and clean for the rest of the raid
        • If absolutely necessary, a DPS can pop an orb here or there. They do about 32k damage, so make sure you’re full health or you’ll die
      • Tank runs away with Invoke Destiny
        • Kite the Shade of Destiny, and try to make it die on Fatescribe. Doing this means the smaller adds will spawn close to the boss, for easy AoE
      • Don’t get hit by Fated Conjunction
      • Focus heals on the people affected by Twisted Fate
    • The big change is the Grim Portent. 10 Runes will glow gray, and have a small gray circle around them
      • If you have the debuff, one of the 10 Runes will have a very large effect over it, kind of like Malevolence on Remnant of Ner’zhul
      • That is YOUR rune, run to that and stand in the soak circle
      • All 10 debuffed players must do this. Any unsoaked runes will likely result in a wipe
    • The one difficult thing this phase is that at about 1:20 into each Stage 1, you’ll get like a “dance,” which is Fated Conjunction cast 3 times back to back. Stay on your toes, keep your eyes open, and find the safe spots for each of the 3 sets of lazers
    • That’s honestly it for Stage 1, it’s fairly straightforward once you get used to the soaks plus the orbs floating around
  • Stage 2 – Loom
    • So the Mythic mechanic is the lazers from each Rune
    • These appear the moment someone with the Runic Affinity debuff stands on a Rune, and it starts spinning
    • While this seems like it’ll create nightmares, due to math you can actually mostly ignore it
    • No actually, for real. The play here is to have exactly 1 person get to each rune ASAP
      • Due to math, the spin speed of each ring is enough that if you’re fast enough getting to it, you’ll always have enough time to simply put 1 person on each, and let each ring go clockwise
      • By doing this, the lazers are mostly just annoying – all 6 rings will be spinning each way, so there’s no reason for anyone to need to deal with them
      • The rest of the raid stands off to the side, off all the rings, and just nukes the adds
    • You will likely want some people with immunities to take turns running through the rings and trying to clear some of the orbs. 
      • This is very much so a paladin job, since bubble also immunes you to the lazer’s DoT
    • As for the two big adds, just stack um up and nuke um down
      • They do hit kinda hard, so tanks may want to use CDs as necessary
      • Once an add dies, that tank should also help pop orbs
    • Solve the runes, kill the adds, move back into Stage 1 again
  • Rinse and repeat Stage 1 & 2 a second time
  • Stage 3
    • Lust immediately when Stage 3 starts
    • The only real difficulty of Stage 3 is the Rings activating
      • Just like before, you only need them to rotate one direction
      • However, since there’s only 4, it’s probably easier to just rotate the rings in whatever direction is the shortest distance to the target point
      • Have your raid leader call out how many people should go to each ring’s rune. Get there ASAP, turn the rings, solve the runes, and ggs
      • You’ll likely only have to do this twice
    • Outside the rings, you’re used to everything else
      • Tank runs away for the add, kites add, try to kill add on boss
      • Don’t get hit by lazers
        • You WILL get one of those “dance” sets of lazers with 3 back to back
    • Dodge bad things, don’t get hit by bad things, solve the runes, and nuke the boss