Mythic Guardian of the First Ones Boss Guide

BY Andrew Miesner / July 27, 2021

Written and produced by Crzypck

Special thanks to our consultant: Tagzz

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Disclaimer: This guide assumes you know and understand how to defeat the heroic encounter, and as such will not be talking about basics of the boss itself. This is intended to teach you the differences between heroic and Mythic, and how to defeat the Mythic version. If you need a refresher on the basics of the encounter, please visit our heroic guide. 

Mythic Changes

  • If Obliterate fails to hit at least 4 people, boss loses 20 energy (of his 60 energy, so ⅓)
  • Energy Cores begin with 0 energy
    • Threat Neutralization restores energy to an Energy Core, if you directly hit the core with the explosion
    • 5 Energy per Threat Neutralization circle, meaning 15 energy per set of circles
    • 60 energy max
  • Radiant energy, the effect that reduces damage from the Energy Core pulse, now only reduces damage taken by 80%, down from 85% on heroic
  • Anyone hit by meltdown within 15 yards, now dies


  • Let’s start with a little tidbit – this is a surprisingly easy boss for how late it is
    • Mechanically, it’s not difficult. This is a numbers check, that honestly isn’t too hard to hit
  • Bloodlust on pull
  • Comp – 2 tanks, 5-6 heals, 12-13 DPS
    • Your number of healers vs DPS will greatly depend on how geared your raid is
    • You should start with 5 healers and 13 DPS. Let 2 Purging Protocol casts go off each time, and just straight up see if you can kill the boss before you run out of time
    • If you can not, add a 6th healer, and go to 3 Purging Protocols each time. You’ll need to use 2-3 raid CDs for the 3rd Purging each time, or you’ll just straight up die
  • Energy Cores & Threat Neutralization
      • Because the Cores all start at 0 energy, the most important mechanic is charging them up
      • When the debuffs go out, all 3 people should Venn Diagram their circles around whatever energy core is assigned as the next one you’ll use
    • Make sure all 3 circles are over the energy core, so it charges up
    • Once you’ve used up all 3 Energy Cores, just move the Threat Neutralizations away from the raid so you don’t clip anyone
    • You WILL get a set of these debuffs each time you’re actively recharging the boss inside the core. You MUST still Venn Diagram the circles on the Core, as it’ll still charge the core up. Without doing this, you won’t have enough charge in the Core to fully restore the boss’s energy, greatly reducing your total DPS time

    • Dodge the Desintegrations
    • Sentries don’t really have any counterplay, but they freaking hurt. Healers need to be on their toes as people will get absolutely chunked by the bolts they throw
    • For Obliterate, you’ll want to cheese this with immunities
      • Have Tank #1, plus 3 players with immunities, soak the first Obliterate
      • Tanks then need to swap, have Tank #2 taunt and stand where Tank #1 was
        • Tank #1 moves away
        • All 3 immunity players stay where you were
        • 2nd Obliterate goes off, hits tank #2 plus the immunity players
        • You move on with your lives
    • You’ll need to assign 3 sets of immunity people, so 9 people total
    • Mages, Hunters, Paladins, Demon Hunters, etc all work
    • Purging Protocols
      • If using 5 healers
        • Pop a CD for the 2nd Purging each time, make sure you don’t let a 3rd one go off
      • If using 6 healers
        • Pop 2-3 CDs right as the 2nd Purging is about to deal damage, this way they’ll still be up for the 3rd Purging. Err on the side of too many CDs, never too few
    • If you fail any Threat Neutralizations, or any Obliterates fail to hit 4 targets, you wipe
    • And really, that’s about it. Nuke hard, dodge bad stuff, and kill the boss