Mythic Hivemind Boss Guide

BY Andrew Miesner / January 30, 2020


  • Devouring Frenzy, the raid-wide damage ability that occurs following a Hivemind control swap, now gains 20% increased damage each time it’s cast, up from 15%
  • When Ka’zir is in control, adds now heal 5% health per second after their health falls below 20%. This is increased from 3% health per second
  • The add affected by Volatile Eruption now has its healthpool increased by a larger percentage
  • For the Acidic Aqir, the bowling-ball type adds, two waves spawn back to back
  • Mind-Numbing Nova now reduces haste by 100% if it’s not interrupted, up from 50%
  • The add buffed  into being a Ravager gets a larger Health increase buff
  • After Echoing Void deals damage, it leaves behind a new purple swirlie effect
    • Getting hit by this swirlie deals 200K damage and afflicts you with the Nullification effect, causing 73k Shadow damage every 2s for 6s, plus reduces healing by 100% for the duration


We recommend going in with 2 tanks, 4-5 healers, and 13-14 DPS. It’s doable with 4 healers, but generally a little safer with 5. We also recommend using Bloodlust on pull. To help with add management, you can also run 3 tanks. If doing this, at least one of your tanks needs to be a Blood DK.

  • As mentioned above, there aren’t really any new mechanics on Mythic, but all the Heroic mechanics are amped up to matter more
  • You’ll want to have several players be AoE specced, as well as multiple players running the Focusing Iris major essence
    • Drone Adds spawn at 0:15, 1:25, 2:40, 3:53, 5:10
      • Spawns 1, 3, and 5 are during Tek’ris control, meaning all adds plus the bosses can be stacked for cleave
        • All players should just collapse on the 2 bosses here to stack all the Drones up and annihilate them
        • Use Focusing Iris major here, any other big AoE CDs. Make sure they all die.
      • Spawns 2 and 4 are during Ka’zir control.
        • Since the adds heal 5% per second during Ka’zir’s control, we decided to ignore them until it swapped back to Tek’ris control, and use healer CDs as needed to keep the raid stable.
          • This may not be a viable option for your guild.
          • If the healing is not manageable for your guild, you should instead pick a boss and have the entire raid collapse on it
          • Blow Focusing Iris here instead, as the add’s self healing is much more potent and you need to make sure they die
    • Darters spawn at 0:53, 2:02, 3:17, 4:20, 5:37
      • Sets 1, 3, and 5 are during Tekris. 2 and 4 are during Ka’zir.
      • If you have a BDK, they should use Mass Grip when these spawn during Ka’zir.
      • DPS need to make sure they actually swap and kill the Darters, as their Psionic Burst cast actually does a fair amount of damage. Keep them slowed and rooted as much as possible
  • When a Drone gets buffed into a Ravager, the tank with better Physical damage mitigation should pick it up.
    • These get created at 0:16, 2:40, 5:10. DPS should hardswap and nuke these
  • We recommend ignoring the Volatile Eruption adds, as the damage required to kill them is not worth the savings in damage taken from the explosion.
    • Instead, utilize healer CDs for this. Devo Aura is amazing. Barrier is certainly doable, but you’ll have an overlap with bowling ball adds, so be careful. If you have neither, use throughput CDs and have the raid use personals
    • Volatile adds are created at 1:25, 3:53
  • Bowling Ball adds come out at 0:46, 1:38, 2:27, 3:17, 4:07, 4:56, 5:46, 6:38
  • Echoing Void occurs at 0:27, 1:20, 1:50, 2:48, 3:40, 4:35, 5:41, 6:25, 7:20
  • Tek’ris in control 0-1:15, 2:34-3:45, 5:04-6:15
  • Ka’zir in control 1:15-2:35, 3:45-5:04, 6:15-7:30
  • Don’t stand in Volatile Eruptions. GGs.