Mythic Maut Boss Guide

BY Andrew Miesner / January 30, 2020


  • Ancient Curse
    • Curse effect which is cast periodically on everyone in the raid
    • This curse slows players by 15%. When removed by any means, this deals 34k Physical damage to the raid
    • Lasts 24 seconds
    • If this EXPIRES on a player, they die
    • This must be removed with a de-curse ability
    • It can also be removed by stepping into one of the Devour Magic puddles


We recommend going with 2 tanks, 4 healers, and 14 DPS for this fight, and using Bloodlust on pull.

  • Phase 1
    • Need to coordinate clearing Ancient Curse
      • Tanks should be dispelled immediately
      • After that, rotate clearing the Curse off players by having them step in the puddles
        • 3 possible ways to handle this.
          • 1) Raid Leader calls 3-5 people every few seconds
          • 2) Assigned groups of 3-5 people. Groups step in puddles together, every 3-4 seconds
          • 3) Yolo it
        • Make sure everyone gets the Curse cleared off before it expires
          • Also make sure you don’t have too many people clear at once. 10 clears = 350k damage to the raid, easy to wipe
    • Tank Strategy
      • This fight can be either 2 or 3 tanked.
        • 2 tank strategy (recommended)
          • One tank is assigned as “boss tank,” other tank is “add tank”
          • The “add tank” actually starts on boss, holds until 2 stacks of Shadow Claws
          • Immediately after 2nd Shadow Claws, “Boss Tank” taunts the boss, holds until Phase 2
          • “Add Tank” then goes and picks up adds
          • As a note, the “boss tank” should be your tank that’s better against magic damage, as the DoT will start to hurt
        • 3 tank strategy
          • 2 tanks focus on boss, swap every 2 stacks of Shadow Claws
          • 3rd tank just grabs all the adds
    • Add Strategy
      • Raid needs to DoT and kill Add #1
      • Add #2 gets DoT’d, but don’t need to worry about killing it here
      • Add #3 gets eaten by the boss ASAP, should start Phase 2
      • Add #2 will just die to cleave during Phase 2
  • Add Cheese Strategy
    • A fairly straightforward and simple way to deal with Phase 1 is to essentially ignore that the adds exist
    • You have your tanks taunt the adds into the boss, and force him to eat them ASAP. By doing this, you never deal with them or interact with them.
    • Tanks swap at 2 stacks of Shadow Claws
    • You’ll push into Phase 2 in about 1:15-1:20, but it removes any difficulty from dealing with the adds and lets your tanks just focus on keeping stacks low
    • There are two primary drawbacks to this strategy
      • First, you must have the DPS to kill Maut before a 3rd Obsidian Shatter (Phase 2) occurs. If you cannot get that much DPS into Maut, this strategy won’t work
      • Second, later on in the tier as guilds are more geared, prolonging Phase 1 will become beneficial. It’ll most likely be possible to kill Maut with a single Phase 2, but you’ll need P1 to last as long as possible. Once this gear level is achieved, use one of the other strategies listed above.
        • Addendum – Once gear levels and DPS output is high enough you can kill the boss with a single Phase 2, AND insta-eat the adds, just do that instead.
  • Phase 2
    • The DPS check is much tighter on Mythic to break the shield
    • Getting out and dispelling Drain Essence ASAP is vitally important
    • Healers will want to rotate raid CDs during Phase 2, as the damage being reflected by the Shield is enormous and it’s very easy for people to die
      • DPS should keep an eye on their own health pools as well. Maybe hold off on a Chaos Bolt if you only have 30k HP left. Don’t kill yourself
  • Overall goal is to kill Maut after only 2 Phase 2’s occuring.
    • After 2nd Phase 2 ends, hold all the adds in the back, don’t DoT them unless it’s a single target dps increase, don’t waste the GCDs. Pump into the boss and kill him.
    • In time, with higher ilvls and corruption, it’ll be possible to kill Maut in only 1 Phase 2.