Mythic Painsmith Raznal Boss Guide

BY Andrew Miesner / July 27, 2021

Written and produced by Crzypck

Special thanks to our consultant: Tagzz

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Disclaimer: This guide assumes you know and understand how to defeat the heroic encounter, and as such will not be talking about basics of the boss itself. This is intended to teach you the differences between heroic and Mythic, and how to defeat the Mythic version. If you need a refresher on the basics of the encounter, please visit our heroic guide. 

Mythic Changes

  • Echos of Pain
    • Whenever a weapon throw occurs, all players with Shadowsteel Chains ALSO shoot Spikes in a cross shape
    • These spikes WILL break Traps
  • Spikes now 1 shot if hit
  • Traps also buffed – the damage taken increase is 500% now instead of 200%. Means popping 2 traps within 1.5 seconds is an instant wipe
  • During the intermission, you’ll get sets of Spiked Balls rolling from one side of the room, than the other
    • These are perpendicular to the waves of Spikes coming at you
    • The Balls have space between each of them that you can safely run to
  • During the intermissions, there will always be exactly 1 wave that does not have any openings to run through safely
    • There are 9 waves of Spikes total
    • The wave with NO opening is always wave 5
  • Shadowsteel Horrors
    • Adds spawn at the end of the intermissions, spawning from the last set of red swirlies
    • These cast Final Scream, a 12 second cast. If cast completes, you wipe
    • Cast cannot be interrupted, must kill all the adds before the casts complete


  • Let’s preface this a bit – this encounter is the wall of this raid. You will wipe, a lot. It’s very easy for a pull to fall apart, and even easier for someone to die
    • This fight has a lot of personal responsibility. Moving the Shadowsteel Chains to the right spots, dodging spikes, placing traps properly, killing the correct Spiked Ball, etc. There’s a lot of things each player needs to learn and do properly
    • Don’t expect this to be a 15-20 pull boss. Hunker down, and take the time to learn the fight properly
  • Comp – 2 tanks, 4 heals, 14 DPS
  • Shadowsteel Chains & Spikes
    • We recommend putting 3 markers down in a diagonal line at the middle of the room

  • The Yellow, Orange, and Purple will be the locations for players affected by Shadowsteel Chains to stand on, when the boss is throwing his weapon at the tank
    • Your DBM or BigWigs should mark the players with Shadowsteel Chains. Run to the marker that matches what the addon assigns you
  • By doing this, you’ll contain the spikes to the center areas of the room, leaving yourself completely open and safe corners

  • Phase 1 – 100%-70%
    • This is the easier part of the fight. Use it to learn & practice positioning of the Shadowsteel Chains
    • During this phase, pull the boss to the bottom-left corner of the platform
    • When the tank gets targeted for the weapon throw, run to the exact opposite corner of the platform – the top-right
    • You’ll get Spiked Balls forming right after the weapon throw, so make sure you’re paying attention
      • These can spawn right in the corner your raid is at, if that happens start attacking the closest ball to the edge, kill it asap, and run through the opening
      • Backpedal as necessary so you don’t get run over
    • Drop the Flamescale Traps along the edge of the platform, in the corner the raid is standing
      • Have either the raid leader, or someone else reliable, pop them about 2 seconds apart, ensuring the raid is stable

  • It’ll take several pulls to get used to all of this, and see the variations of spikes vs spiked balls. Don’t be discouraged wiping in Phase 1, it’s just part of progging this fight
  • You should be careful about your push timing
    • A set of Spiked Balls spawns at about 1:42. You want to either push ~5s before this, OR after you’ve killed one ball and let the rest roll through the platform, around 2:00 or so
    • Basically, either beat the set of Balls, or hold DPS until you’re safely cleared from them
  • Intermission
    • Here’s where the fun begins
    • Put a warlock gateway as shown below, we’ll talk about it later

  • You’ll get two sets of Spiked Balls during the intermission, one from each side perpendicular to the waves of spikes
    • These happen between waves 1-2, and between waves 5-6
    • They roll slowly, so you’ll need to run through them several times for each wave, as needed to get to the open spots in the spikes
    • Use movement abilities throughout this phase, like Wind Rush Totem and Roar

  • Wave 5 will not have a safe spot opening
    • You’ll need to use some sort of tech to get through it
    • You can use things like Blink, Warlock Portals, Heroic Leap, and Soulshape to go through them
    • Demon Hunters can double-jump off the side of the platform, then Glide back on around the spikes
      • You can also do this with Goblin Rocket Boots, or with Disengage etc
    • Paladins can just bubble themselves
    • If you have absolutely no way whatsoever to get through this wave safely on your own, you’ll need a BoP to survive

  • As Wave 8 is coming at you, the raid should move near the southern part of the warlock gateway you set up
    • Wait until wave 9 has spawned and started moving, then the entire raid should click the Gateway simultaneously
    • This’ll shoot everyone up to that northern gateway, safely through waves 8 and 9
    • As you land, the adds will all spawn at that location, nice and cleanly grouped up for you to AoE
    • As an added benefit, as the boss jumps back onto the platform to fight you, he’ll land right in the middle of your AoE clump!

  • Phases 2&3
    • These are just repeats of Phase 1, but with the addition of the radiating Spike line from where the weapon throw lands
    • Watch your feet, make sure you step over the lines
    • There’s various times where you’ll get tight on space between the Spikes and the Balls, so be careful
    • Succeeding in Phases 2 and 3 is largely about getting used to the flow of abilities, and understanding how to adjust
    • We recommend as a baseline, that the raid be grouped in the top-left corner, with the tank bringing the weapon throw to the bottom-right corner
    • However, you may need to adjust due to Spiked Balls, forcing the raid to move down to the bottom-left corner, and the tank to go top-right
      • There really isn’t a lot to say here about that, you need to experience it a few times and get used to it
    • You should Bloodlust at the start of Stage 3, while you’re AoE’ing the adds, and then turn and blast the boss
    • Make sure whoever your Trap breaker is, is watching the debuff timer and where the spikes are. Do not under any circumstances let 2 traps explode at the same time, it’s just an instant wipe
    • This is an execution fight. It’s not necessarily difficult for to handle each mechanic, but every player in the raid will have to get used to having teh Shadowsteel Chains, where to go, how to position, how to maneuver around spikes & balls, etc. Expect a high pull count on this fight
  • Healer Stuff
    • There’s a lot of damage going out this fight, and allocating your CDs properly will help cut down on random deaths
    • In Phases 2 and 3, the weapon throws actually do substantial raid damage, so that’s the ideal time to use stuff
    • Use Raid CDs like Rally and Devo Aura for the tank weapon throws when chains are also out
      • Use location-based CDs like barrier, AMZ, or Spirit Link for weapon throws when there aren’t chains out, especially when you’re working on popping traps around the same time as the throw