Mythic Remnants of Ner’zhul Boss Guide

BY Andrew Miesner / July 17, 2021

Written and produced by Crzypck

Special thanks to our consultant: Tagzz

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Disclaimer: This guide assumes you know and understand how to defeat the heroic encounter, and as such will not be talking about basics of the boss itself. This is intended to teach you the differences between heroic and Mythic, and how to defeat the Mythic version. If you need a refresher on the basics of the encounter, please visit our heroic guide. 

Mythic Changes

  • Shatter causes the piece of armor that fell off, to duplicate specific casts the rest of the encounter
    • 80% = Helm
      • The helm will float around the room, and duplicate Suffering
      • Every time the boss casts Suffering from this point, the Helm will target whoever is closest, and cast a second Suffering
      • While this can be dangerous, it can also be useful to aim & pop extra Orbs of Torment
    • 60% = Gauntlet
      • Duplicates Grasp of Malice
      • Shoots a fourth line every time Grasp of Malice occurs, aimed in a random direction
      • Need to keep a close eye on where the floating Gauntlet is, as the extra line reduces how much safe space you have
    • 30% = Rattlecage (chest)
      • Duplicates Malevolence
      • Puts a third Malevolence orb on top of the floating chestpiece
      • Cannot dispel this, it just explodes & knocks back after 21 seconds
      • Have to pre-position this using timers, stand as close to the chestpiece as possible, with your back towards the largest section of the room available
  • Orbs of torment come out in pairs of 2, and their random AoE damage is increased substantially
    • These actually become the largest source of raid damage for the encounter, so falling behind on orbs can easily wipe you


  • Comp – 2 tanks, 5 healers, 13 DPS
  • Early on, the fight starts the same as heroic
    • Changes start when he hits 80%, and the first Shatter occurs
    • Basic things stay the same – don’t get hit by swirlies, don’t get hit by Grasp of Malice, don’t die to Suffering, etc
  • However, we do recommend one relatively major change – how you handle Malevolence
    • Instead of dispelling one at a time, bouncing all over the place then recovering and repeating, we instead recommend dispelling BOTH at the same time with Mass Dispel
    • Have both players with Malevolence basically stack together near the edge of the room
    • Each MUST have their back facing towards the middle of the platform
    • The rest of the raid must still move towards the Malevolence players
    • Once everyone is in position, have a priest Mass Dispel, which’ll remove both debuffs at the same time
    • This’ll actually just cause the knockbacks to happen simultaneously, as if only one was dispelled
    • By doing this, you’ll only get knocked back that once, and have full control over timing and location
    • The damage from this does hurt a fair amount, so you’ll want to pop a raid CD to keep everyone stable
    • A note here – the further outside player does NOT always get knocked towards the middle, and sometimes instead gets knocked outwards off the edge
      • To combat this, always make sure of the debuffed players, the outside person has some type of displacement ability
      • Blink, Disengage, Shadowstep, Warlock Portal, etcw

  • After the 80%, you’ll want to carefully position whichever tank isn’t holding the boss, to be closest to the Helm right before Suffering
    • This’ll help ensure that tank is the one targeted, allowing you to aim the lazer at will
    • If there’s no extra Orbs of Torment you need to zap, shoot the lazer off to the side away from the raid
    • If there ARE Orbs that the primary lazer from the boss won’t hit, try to position yourself to shoot it

    • The rest of the raid needs to keep a close eye on where the Suffering lazers are aiming – do not get yourself hit
    • To that end, we recommend putting raid markers on your tanks so the rest of the raid can more easily identify where the lazers are going
    • This’ll be a recurring thing the rest of the fight – make sure to pay attention
  • At 60%, the Gauntlet breaks off. From this point on, whenever Grasp of Malice is cast, you’ll get a fourth line on the ground, but decentralized
    • The Gauntlet just floats around, so this extra line can come from anywhere and face anywhere
    • Just need to pay attention
    • We’ve included two examples of how the Gauntlet’s extra line interacts below:

  • From here, you’re playing rinse and repeat until the 30% Shatter
    • Run Malevolence out together, Mass Dispel when called
    • Dodge swirlies
    • Dodge Grasp of Malice
    • Don’t get hit by Suffering
  • An absolutely vital part of your success here is handling the Orbs of Torment
    • Remember, these put out debuffs on the raid. 
    • On Mythic, this ticks for 8700 damage every 3 seconds, lasts 12 seconds
    • 3 debuffs go out at a time, per orb
    • Each orb sends new debuffs every 6 seconds
      • There’s also a 6 second waiting period before the first debuffs
    • Because of how quickly these go out, and how much damage the debuffs do, ensuring you properly hit the Orbs with Suffering, then kill them ASAP, is paramount to your success on this boss
    • If you miss orbs, and end up with 4 up at the same time, you’re all but certain to die
    • And don’t forget, even AFTER you kill the orb, it’ll keep casting Torment until you yeet it off the side
    • Make sure to communicate as a raid when you’re going to throw an orb off, vs when Malevolence is about to be dispelled. You don’t wanna get knocked off the edge accidentally
  • Once you reach 30%, pop Bloodlust immediately
    • Dodge the swirlies from Shatter. You’ll have 3 waves of them come out here, covering most of the room. Watch your feet

  • By this point in the fight, the Aura of Spite is also ticking hard as hell. 
  • You’ll want to use DR healer CDs whenever Malevolence is about to be dispelled, as the damage from that plus Aura of Spite can easily kill people
  • Watch your timers. When the extra Malevolence has ~3s left before exploding, position yourself underneath it so you can control where you’ll be knocked back

  • Once lust falls off, don’t be afraid to pop healer throughput CDs as needed here, keep the raid stable
  • Dodge the swirlies that keep coming out, dodge the Grasp of Malice, don’t get lazered, and go collect your purples