Mythic Shad’har Boss Guide

BY Andrew Miesner / January 30, 2020

Shad’har the Insatiable

  • Mythic introduces a new overarching encounter mechanic – Hungry
    • Shad’har gains a stack of Hungry every 4 seconds
    • If he reaches 10 stacks, he’ll begin dealing 250% increased damage
  • Living Miasma
    • This now roots the person they fixate to
    • After the Miasma reaches its target and explodes, it’ll leave a “tasty morsel” on the ground
      • If this Morsel is fed to Shadhar, it’ll reduce his Hungry stacks
      • After a player picks up a Morsel and feeds it to Shad’har, they’re afflicted with a moderate DoT effect
        • They also cannot pick up another Morsel for 3 minutes


  • You can fight this boss with either 4 or 5 healers. 4 will get you out of P2 faster, making that phase safer. 5 healers will keep you more stable throughout the fight, and will most likely be the best option for most guilds.
  • Living Miasma
    • Miasmas spawn every 16 seconds
    • The player fixated by Living Miasma is affected with a 99% slow. This can easily be countered
    • Warlock’s Burning Rush, DK’s passive, Ghost Wolf, and any other ability that gives a class a “minimum” movement speed immediately counters the 99% slow
    • Other slow-prevention abilities also work. Hunters using Disengage with the Posthaste talent is a good example
    • Most notably, though, is Blessing of Freedom. This fully counters the 99% slow. If you have 2 paladins in your raid, you’ll have a BoF available for every single Living Miasma spawn
    • After having a movement-freeing ability cast, the player fixated by the Living Miasma should run to the furthest point away from the raid possible
      • The raid should also shift away from the direction the fixated player is running
      • Get the raid as far away from the Miasma explosion as possible
  • Dealing with Hungry
    • Shad’har gains 1 stack every 4 seconds
    • You’ll want to feed him after every 2nd Living Miasma. Aim for 8-9 stacks of Hungry as your target to feed Shad’har a Morsel
    • You do NOT want to feed Shad’har every single Morsel as soon as they’re available
      • The player who fed Shad’har gets a 3 minute DoT. Because there’s a large amount of damage going off during the fight in general, you want to minimize the number of these debuffs
  • The tank swap mechanic should be handled the same as you did on Heroic
  • Healers still need to focus in on the players with the 4 stack of Debilitating Spit
  • Phase 1
    • Dodge the breath
    • Dodge the swirlies
  • Phase 2
    • Bloodlust this phase
    • There’s a stacking DoT that goes out during this phase, so the healing requirement gets nutty
      • Healers should use heal CDs throughout this phase, just keep everyone alive
    • The breath is NOT dodgeable in this phase. The raid should be spread out around the room to minimize the number of people hit per cast of the breath
  • Phase 3
    • Largely the same as Heroic
    • Dodge breath, don’t stand in green
    • Nuke down the boss
  • GGs